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Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre in Wiesbaden

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Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition consultation

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Ayurveda Wiesbaden
Ayurveda Wiesbaden


Ayurveda is the first science that talks about the nature of Life and the dimensions of health. According to Ayurveda, complete well being can be achieved only by bringing a harmonious balance among the body, mind and soul. Ayurveda is the oldest science but is effective even today. Its effects are remarkably visible that it is even recognised and acknowledged by the World Health Organisation


Through Sri Sri Ayurveda Wiesbaden, we bring the benefits of this ancient science to the city of Wiesbaden.

We have our local Ayurveda centre that has serene atmosphere; an appropriate environment for conducting various services like detoxification, workshops on holistic healing, therapeutic massages, personalised diet and exercise programs, ayurvedic introductory talks etc. We have several rooms accustomed to the different activities that are conducted there. We strictly comply with the genuine Indian traditional methods and principles. This is maintained to an extent that the various therapists who conduct these services, take their daily meditation practices with dedication. 


Once a month, we would also conduct Ayurvedic consultations in the centre. During these consultations, the specific nature/type of the body-mind system of the individual is determined. This helps in creating a tailor made dietary recommendation chart and lifestyle routine for every individual. Practicing such a lifestyle with dedication can bring lasting health and balance within the three dimensions of health; body, mind and soul. 


The Sri Sri Ayurveda Wiesbaden is located here: Harmonie- und Entfaltungszentrum Lifestream e.V. Mainzer Straße 92b, 65189 Wiesbaden



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Ayurveda Consultation

Our Ayurveda Expert is available for individual nutrition and lifestyles consultations for about 2 days per month in Wiesbaden.

Workshops and Talks

Our venue offers talks and workshops about Ayurveda and Health, Mind and Meditation Sessions, and much more.

Yoga and Meditation

Weekly yoga classes and meditation sessions, breathing technique courses and silence retreats are also available here.

ayurvedische konsultation Ayurveda Hamburg
Ayurveda Consultation

The teachings of Ayurveda come from the Indian subcontinent: there, the oldest health science in the world developed millennia ago. Meanwhile, Ayurveda has also been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). But what distinguishes Ayurveda from conventional medicine?


Conventional medicine is primarily concerned with the treatment of diseases or symptoms, while the teachings of Ayurveda begin much earlier – even before the first symptoms even show. Their goal is an effective prophylaxis that involves our whole being. Ayurvedic treatment includes individually tailored nutritional recommendations as well as instructions on exercise and everyday life. By implementing the advice of an Ayurvedic expert, physical, mental and emotional harmony can finally be achieved.


Ayurvedic science not only focuses on one aspect of our body or mind, but sees the whole. Ayurveda tries for us to make the principles of life tangible and to define the levels of health. According to Ayurvedic knowledge, life is a fusion of body, mind and senses.


We are not automatically healthy just because we seem to “eat well,” do sports, and do not experience any symptoms of illness. To be truly healthy is much more: it means being in harmony with yourself and with the surrounding world. It is certainly not easy to achieve this, but Ayurveda is a reliable guide to comprehensive health.



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Ayurveda Expert (Vaidya)

Vishnu Prasad


Vishnu became interested in Ayurveda very early on.

As a teenager, he realized that health and knowledge about Ayurveda are linked.
His Ayurveda expert career began with a bachelor’s degree at Sri Sri Ayurveda College in Bangalore India. In addition, he completed a pulse consultation training at Sri Sri Ayurveda.

His Ayurvedic consultation is currently also taking place at the Ayurveda Center Wiesbaden.


Inspired by the desire to spread Ayurveda teaching around the world, he traveled to countries such as Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Latvia, Sweden and Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, India and even Iraq. As a result, he successfully advised and supported over 20,000 clients worldwide.


Vishnu’s extensive knowledge, and his gentle, empathetic nature is highly valued by all of our clients.

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