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Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre in Stuttgart

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Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition consultation

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Ayurveda stuttgart
Ayurveda Stuttgart

Ayurveda as holistic health science is providing effective tools and wisdom for health and happiness. 

In Fellbach, very near to Stuttgart, Sri Sri Ayurveda is offering its services in a local Ayurveda center.


Our local venue, “Ayurvedakompetenz Center”, has a very pleasant atmosphere and provides several rooms for Ayurvedic and classical massages, talks and workshops, services of natural practitioners, and others.


Here, once a month, Sri Sri Ayurveda is conducting its Ayurvedic consultations with holistic lifestyle and nutrition recommendations. In addition, we are offering Ayurveda introductory talks as well as weekend workshops for a deeper understanding of the ancient holistic health science of Ayurveda.


Our sister organisation “The Art of Living” – which is specialised in effective breathing techniques, meditation and yoga – is present in Stuttgart as well. Like this, we are supporting each other to provide our clients with the best of both: individual and practical diet and lifestyle tipps, combined with effective stress management techniques. 


The Sri Sri Ayurveda Stuttgart is located here: Ayurveda Kompetenzcenter, Auberlenstr. 60, 70736 Fellbach


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Ayurveda Stuttgart Consultation

Our Ayurveda Expert is available for individual nutrition and lifestyles consultations every month for about 1-2 days in Stuttgart (Fellbach).

Workshops and Talks

Our venue offers talks and workshops about Ayurveda and Health, Mind and Meditation Sessions, and much more.

Yoga and Meditation

Tipp: visit the yoga classes and meditation sessions and breathing technique courses of Art of Living in Stuttgart (Fellbach).

ayurvedische konsultation Ayurveda Hamburg
Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda is a health science that has evolved over millennia. It has its origins in the Indian subcontinent and is even recognized today by the World Health Organization (WHO). But what makes this system of traditional health care so special?


In contrast to conventional medicine, the focus of Ayurveda is not only on the mere treatment of diseases, but rather on the prevention of diseases. An effective and comprehensive prophylaxis of health disorders is achieved according to Ayurvedic knowledge by individually tailored recommendations for diet, exercise and everyday life. The ultimate goal is physical, mental and emotional harmony.


The Ayurvedic science sees the whole and strives to make the principles of life tangible and to recognize the levels of health – after all, life according to Ayurvedic teachings is a fusion of body, mind and senses.


Ayurveda makes us realize that we are not healthy just because we “eat healthy”, move a lot and show no symptoms of illness. True health means being in harmony with oneself and the world around us. The road to true health may not be easy sometimes, but Ayurveda is a competent guide in this unique way for every human being.


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Ayurveda stuttgart
Ayurveda Expert (Vaidya)

Niranjana Verma


Niranjana’s work in Ayurveda and alternative medicine (TCM) has been around for more than 10 years.


When she worked at the officially recognized Ayurvedic Institute for Postgraduates in Himachal Pradesh, India, she gained extensive clinical experience.


Her striving is to combine Ayurveda and alternative therapies to strive to improve people’s health and well-being.


With this vision in the background, she completed her model degree in acupuncture at the WHO-recognized international Medicina Alternative Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


As a wellness therapist and Vaidya, she has traveled to several countries, such as the USA, Central America, Bermuda, the Caribbean and numerous places in Europe.


Niranjana has international experience and knowledge and uses her skills to deal with a wide range of ailments and diseases, such as pain, stress, depression, indigestion, anxiety, insomnia, migraines and other lifestyle-related ailments.


The caring nature, as well as the knowledge of Niranjana ensures a great gratitude on the part of her clients.


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