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You can book single treatments anytime at our Wellness Centre. Talk to us: info@srisriayurveda.de or +49 (0) 7804 913 6961


(Full body oil massage)

Herbal oil is applied on the whole body followed by a soft massage to rejuvenate the nervous system, decrease the effects of aging, and much more.

Abhyanga lubricates joints, makes the skin shine and increases circulation.


Starting from 69,00 € / 45 minutes
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Abhyanga Sweda

(Full body oil massage with herbal properties)

Application of herbal oil on the whole body followed by a gentle massage and steam.

The classic Ayurvedic full body massage round up with a soothing steam treatment.


Starting from 80,00 € / 60 minutes
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(Gentle pouring of warm oil on the forehead)

Widely known as a nervous relaxant, this is a procedure of maintaining a continuous and steady flow of herbal oil over the forehead.

Shirodhara relieves symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue, fear and headache, increases quality of sleep.


Starting from 79,00 € / 45 minutes
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(Acupressure healing technique) 

Marma is an ancient Indian practice where gentle pressure is applied to energy points on the body for a natural healing process.

This treatment can help release physical and psychological stress.


Starting from 65,00 € / 45 minutes
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Foot Massage

A herbal oil massage with pressure on vital points of the feet can relax and rejuvenate the whole body and mind.

No time to relax? We are here to help!


Starting from 30,00 € / 15 minutes
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Head Massage

Massaging the head improves circulation to the brain, releases stress, improves sleep and promotes hair growth.

Herbal oil applied on the head can bring quick relaxation to the whole body.


Starting from 30,00 € / 15 minutes
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Face Massage

A lovely facial massage helps in cleansing the skin from impurities, has a tightening effect and leaves an overall glow of the skin.

The face has 43 muscles that are used on a daily basis, a facial treatment relaxes all the muscles and leaves a feeling of rejuvenation.


Starting from 30,00 € / 15 minutes
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Back Massage

The back massage is a deep way of relaxing the body and mind, tending to the areas of blockage and knots.

It is said we carry all our worries on our back. This massage can, in a short time, bring great relief to your back and worries.


Starting from 30,00 € / 15 minutes
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