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Our Wellness Centre

Know more about our Wellness Centre

Situated in the south of Germany, in the forest-covered Baden-W├╝rttemberg region of the Black Forest (few kilometers from the city of Oppenau), our wellness centre is an integral part of a European Meditation and Yoga retreat centre, hosting hundreds of people per month coming for mindfulness sessions, self-development courses and Ayurvedic treatments.


The building started as a renowned spa-bath, with the discovery of a healing water spring 760 years ago. In the 19th century it served as a healing and resting place for kings, princesses and saints. Purchased by the Art of Living Foundation in 1996, the house has hosted our ayurveda facilities for over 20 years, bringing harmony to the lives of more than 50 different nationalities visiting us every year.


All the active staff staying in the centre, including yoga and meditation teachers, mind experts, office staff, maintenance staff, cooks and drivers participate in relaxation sessions and self-mastery classes on a daily basis. Also, all meals served on the spot are healthy and vegetarian, cooked with either homemade or organic ingredients.


Our centre is surrounded by forest, ensuring a quiet and relaxing environment. You can also find rivers and springs nearby.


Due to a long history of daily meditation practices, the centre carries a harmonious atmosphere touching everyone who comes here.


The staff is friendly and ready to serve with a smile. With an attitude of sharing, they are truly available for your comfort.

A Wellness Centre is a place to drop all efforts and rest completely. Only in a relaxed state, can you be more in touch with yourself.

Feels like home

In a combination of charming and cosy, our Wellness Centre is truly a home away from home. We differ from the modern spa concept in keeping an attitude of familiarity as well as professionalism with our clients.


During and in between treatments, our team is available to support you, in case of questions, clarification or just for interaction.

House facilities

The Ayurveda wellness facilities are an integral part of a heritage house that serves as the European Meditation and Yoga retreat centre, creating a specific atmosphere for body, mind and spirit rejuvenation. Enjoy all the facilities the house provides, including full accommodation, three meals per day, parking, internet/phone access and more.