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Ayurveda Health Card

First Alternative Health Card Plan

In the face of modern daily life challenges, there is a higher and higher demand on personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care. That is why we created a holistic, natural, saverprice health card for you.


Ayurveda is a 5000 year-old science that enables us to achieve physical, mental, and emotional harmony through healthy and customised dietary habits, lifestyle advice and holistic treatments.


With the first Ayurveda Health Card ever created, Sri Sri Tattva provides various service options in more than 30 cities in Germany. No matter where you are, our plans are designed to deliver holistic care at affordable prices.


Why is Ayurveda an excellent choice as a primary base Health Card?

Rather than only soothing the already occurring symptoms, attending to the cause of all problems is Ayurveda’s main healthcare goal.


More than appointments and consultations, the AyurHealth Card includes herbal suppplements and vitamins, wholefood items, workshops and treatments.


The AyurHealth Card provides an economic approach, with up to a 30% price reduction at the end of the year and exclusive benefits.


More than 30 cities in Germany have the benefit of a monthly consultation. Reach out to our Ayurveda experts anytime by e-mail support and online consultations.


Natural pharmacy included! Vitamins and herbal supplements are a must. All plans include natural supplements that complete your treatment.

The Three Key points

1. Timely action: Prevent unexpected events

Regular visits to our Ayurveda specialist consultants means that a specialist is closely monitoring changes in you in relation to seasons and other factors that might be triggers for imbalances. More than removing the risk of illness, the Ayurveda Health Card is a long-term prevention plan investment. From a holistic perspective, health is not only the absence of illness but a complete state of harmony between body and mind.

Relaxation and rejuvenation are not a luxury, in today’s world, they are a must. We can help you be more dedicated to your overall health by reminding you to take care!


2. Holistic and natural: Ayurveda treatments and dietary advice

As natural and healthy has become the latest fashion trend, we are bombarded by healthcare advice that can be found at every corner, in every magazine and online services. It is becoming difficult to distinguish truthful sources from marketing tricks. Your lifestyle and nutrition regulate stress levels, and traditional remedies and doctor’s appointments might not be enough to completely restore your inner balance.

Ayurveda is well known for using organic, nutritive and harmless ingredients in treatments (massages), food supplies. beauty products, herbal supplements and so on.


3. Better cost management: Long-term financial plans and perks

Choosing an appropriate Health system for your needs is an easy way to manage healthcare costs in your day-to-day life. Firstly, save money! To sustain a healthy lifestyle, we often find ourselves purchasing bio natural foods, taking vitamin supplements or fitness memberships – all this could cost you up to 20% more by the end of the year.

The AyurHealth Card is a monthly payment which already includes all the services and products you need for a healthy lifestyle all year round.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs

Take a look at all the angles: when deciding for a Health Card, make sure your plan works with your lifestyle,
matches your goals and needs and fits in your financial picture.

*Silver plan: 24 months/99€ or 12 months/108€
*Gold plan: 
24 months/269€ or 12 months/289€
*Platinum plan: 24 months/449€ or 12 months/479€

The family plan

429€/ 24 months for 3 family members

or 449€/ 12 months for 3 family members


Keeping the whole family happy and healthy, the Family plan includes detox and wellness programs for prevention and rejuvenation, in a Health Card package with 16 pulse diagnosis consultations and four phone consultations per year.


From our variety of healthy supplements and products:

Your family receives 48 supplements per year, a supply of eight immunity booster Shakti drops, 24 of our star fluor-free Sudanta toothpastes, 12 organic, in-house prepared jars of ghee, three of our own happy bees honey and a 500€ voucher for our online shop. Also, two 3-day wellness programs and two 5-day panchakarma detoxes, 20% off on all packages and 50% off on all upcoming ayurvedic workshops in our Wellness Centre.

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