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Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre in Hamburg

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Ayurveda Hamburg Zentrum
Ayurveda Hamburg

Since more than 5000 years, Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand as holistic traditions for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it fits very well that our Sri Sri Ayurveda Hamburg branch is located within a yoga centre.


The Art of Living Happiness Center in the district Eimsbüttel is very centrally and at the same time very quietly located. Sharing the building with several companies, in 2002, the yoga centre was nicely re-structured from a former photo. With an approx. 115 m2 large yoga room and the generous waiting room, the centre offers a very nice and pleasant atmosphere to leave the everyday life easily behind – and this, in the middle of the city.


The Art of Living Happiness Center regularly hosts a variety of introductory and advanced courses on yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. 


In the newly re-furnished room adjacent to the large yoga room, we offer our holistic Ayurvedic consultations with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, while the large course space is available for larger events such as Ayurvedic talks and workshops.


The Sri Sri Ayurveda Hamburg is localised at Eduardstraße 46-48, 20257, at the Art of Living Centre.

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Ayurveda Hamburg Consultation

Our Ayurveda Expert is available for individual nutrition and lifestyles consultations during the week from Monday till Wednesday afternoon.

Workshops and Talks

Our Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre offers cooking workshops, talks about Ayurveda and Health, Mind and meditation sessions, and much more.

Yoga and Meditation

Weekly yoga classes and meditation sessions, breathing technique courses and silence retreats are also available.

ayurvedische konsultation Ayurveda Hamburg
Ayurveda Consultation

“What is Health?”- a question that emerged five thousand years ago. The answer to this question marked the beginning of one of the oldest life sciences developed into a tradition of holistic health care. Originated from the Indian subcontinent, this treasure of knowledge was given the name Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is thus an ancient herbal health science from India. It aims to prevent disease on healthy individuals and to eliminate disease on unwell individuals. Ayurveda enables us to achieve physical, mental, and emotional harmony through healthy and customised dietary habits and daily lifestyle advice.


Recognised by the World Health Organisation as the most effective system of holistic wellness, Ayurveda primarily defined the essence of Living and the dimensions of Health. According to Ayurveda, Life itself represents a symbiosis among body, senses, mind and soul.


Conventional medicine is short of the insight that the science of holistic wellness has. You do not become a fully healthy person only by eating organic food, exercising well or not getting sick. In fact, one becomes truly healthy when living in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Health is a destination you reach, once you learn the art of living. Ayurveda is your Guide throughout this holistic journey of becoming entirely a healthy person.

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Ayurveda Expert (Vaidya)

Chaithanya Chandrasekharan


Chaithanya has devoted the last 10 years to refine her expertise in Ayurveda.

Her education in Ayurveda started with a Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from Sri Sri College of Ayurveda Science and Research in Bangalore, India. Following further her deep passion for Ayurveda theory and practice, she completed her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and Indigenous Systems and conducted an additional Yoga and Ayurvedic Psychology program at DevSanskritiUniversity, Rishikesh. Chaithanya currently travels around Germany conducting Ayurvedic consultations for Sri Sri Tattva.

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