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Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre in Frankfurt

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Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition consultation

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ayurveda frankfurt
Ayurveda Frankfurt

Since more than 5000 years, Yoga and Ayurveda are holistic traditions which provide a healthy and happy lifestyle to people. We are very happy, that our Sri Sri Ayurveda Frankfurt venue is hosted in a yoga centre which provides holistic yoga courses.


Centrally located in the district Bornheim, the Art of Living Happiness Center Frankfurt is easily accessible from the main train station within 10 minutes by subway.


The yoga center provides two big yoga rooms in which The Art of Living offers regular weekly and weekend classes of meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to de-stress, relax and recharge. At the same time, once in a month, the rooms are perfect locations of hosting our holistic Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consultations, as well as talks and workshops on different Ayurvedic topics.


The Sri Sri Ayurveda Frankfurt is located at: Art of Living Happiness Center, Art of Living Center, Saalburgstr. 17, 60385 Frankfurt am Main.


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Ayurveda Frankfurt Consultation

Our Ayurveda Expert is available for individual nutrition and lifestyles consultations for about 2 days per month in Frankfurt.

Workshops and Talks

Our venue offers talks and workshops about Ayurveda and Health, Mind and Meditation Sessions, and much more.

Yoga and Meditation

Weekly yoga classes and meditation sessions, breathing technique courses and silence retreats are also available here.

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Ayurveda Consultation

The oldest health science in the world – Ayurveda – originated 5,000 years ago on the subcontinent of India. The question that was at the very beginning was about true health. Is health perhaps much more than the mere absence of disease? Ayurvedic health science has answered this question with a clear “yes”.


According to ayurvedic knowledge, health represents emotional, physical and psychological harmony. In order to reach this state, Ayurveda offers personalized recommendations for diet, everyday life and exercise. In contrast to our conventional medicine, it is more about the prevention of illnesses, the conduct of an individually appropriate lifestyle and the attainment of physical, mental and emotional harmony.


This approach has been further confirmed thanks to the recognition by WHO (World Health Organization). The ayurvedic doctrine is also dedicated to the definition of the essence of life and the individual levels of our health and is therefore much more comprehensive than the conventional medical systems. Accordingly, life is a fusion of soul and mind as well as body and senses into a whole.


Anyone who is already familiar with ayurvedic teaching knows that (allegedly) healthy eating, sports and the absence of illness can not be equated with health. Health is much more. Health means being in harmony with yourself and the world around you. The way to get there may not be easy, but Ayurveda offers a comprehensive help to achieve exactly this goal.


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ayurveda frankfurt
Ayurveda Expert (Vaidya)

Niranjana Verma


Niranjana has been active in Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (TCM) for more than ten years. She brings extensive clinical experience from her time at the state-recognized Ayurvedic Institute for Postgraduates in Himachal Pradesh, India.


Her vision is to promote health and well-being through Ayurveda and alternative therapies. With this in mind, she obtained her master’s degree in acupuncture at the WHO-recognized international Medicina Alternative Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


As part of her work as a vaidya / wellness expert, she has traveled to the USA, Central America, Bermuda, the Caribbean and numerous destinations in Europe.


Niranjana uses her extensive international experience, skills and knowledge to treat different health complaints. This includes various types of pain, stressful illnesses, indigestion, depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines and other lifestyle-related complaints.


As Ayurveda and health experts, Niranjana’s clients are always grateful for her comprehensive and very good care.

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