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Detox Program

Health is not the mere absence of disease, it is the dynamic expression of life

How to maintain well-being, health and happiness in modern life?


“If we put fresh new wine into an old wineskin, the new wine turn sour and be worthless. The same principle is at work in matters of health. A healthy body begins with cleaning out the accumulated toxins of the past and preparing it to accept the new and efficient nutrients.” – Dr. Hazel Parcells.


We live in an era where toxins are omnipresent. Be it food, routines or habits, emotions or thoughts, traumatic experiences, pollution in the environment or others, toxins have become an unavoidable reality in our daily lives. No matter how hard we try, we all stumble upon the challenges these toxins cause in our body and mind. How we equip ourselves against the influence of toxins and pave our path to harmony and wellbeing? The answer lies in Detox.


In a personalised session, on an Ayurvedic Detox, your Ayurveda consultant will analyse your physical, emotional and cognitive-personality in relation to the elements of nature. Then, A detailed understanding of the degree of imbalances in the functions and rhythms of your body and mind is inferred.


What are the benefits of this program?

  • Promotes deep cleansing of the body;
  •  Eliminates physical and emotional toxins;
  •  Strengthens the immune system;
  •  It helps in the reconstruction of muscular tissues;
  •  Improves digestive functions;
  •  Contributes to the cleaning and rejuvenation of the skin, hair and nails;
  •  Assists in the loss and maintenance of body weight;
  •  It increases the levels of energy in the day to day;
  •  Restores the natural balance between body and mind.


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Experience deep cleansing and well-being on the new Ayurvedic Detox starting from 550€. 
Available in May with 12% Off and June with 10% off.


Discover the uniqueness of your body and mind. Improve your relationship with yourself.


Learn natural methods to improve your health and prevent possible illness.


Take home practical ways of implementing daily Ayurvedic detox practices for long term wellness.


The Detox program will help you discover a holistic way of living life suitable to your unique body and personality type.


The key points of the program are:

  •  Understand the functions of the body through an Ayurvedic perspective.
  •  Discover the uniqueness of your own body and mind for a personalised treatment according to the specific needs of the participant.
  •  A customised program for your goals and needs, accompanied by practical tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the Detox.
  •  Relaxation sessions, nature breaks and a conducive environment for a holistic experience.
  •  Individual consultations with Ayurvedic experts directly from India, with more than 20 years of experience.
  •  Ayurvedic massages and oils with therapeutic properties.
  •  Powerful treatments to improve digestive, cardiovascular and circulatory systems.
  •  Learn natural methods to sustain a healthy body through food supplements and healing herbs.
  •  Support after the program for questions, doubts and a personal diet plan to achieve long term goals.
  •  Trained staff to assist the participant during the Detox process.
  •  Improvement of skin, hair and nail health by the rejuvenation of the whole body.
  • Increase mental clarity, focus and achieve better emotional balance.
What is Ayurveda?

“What is Health?”, was a question that came to light five thousand years ago. The answer to this question marked the beginning of the oldest science of life and the tradition of holistic health care. Originated from the Indian subcontinent, this treasure of knowledge was given the name Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is a five-thousand-year-old herbal health science from India. It aims to prevent illness for healthy individuals and to manage diseases for unhealthy individuals. It enables us to achieve physical, mental, and emotional harmony through healthy and customised dietary habits and lifestyle routine advice.


Recognised by the World Health Organisation as the most effective system of holistic wellness, Ayurveda was the first science to define the nature of Life and the dimensions of Health. According to Ayurveda, Life is a symbiosis of body, senses, mind and soul. Therefore Health is three dimensional:
1) Physically, Health is the state of Harmony between functional humours, gross and subtle metabolism, structural refinement and evacuation. 2) 
Mentally, Health is the harmony of thoughts, senses and emotions.
3) Spiritually, Health is the contentment of the soul.


The conventional systems of medicine lacks the insight in the science of holistic wellness. You are not a healthy person if you eat organic food, exercise well and don’t get sick. One becomes healthy when one is in harmony with oneself and the world. Health is the destination you reach, when you learn the art of living well. Ayurveda is your Guide in this  holistic journey of being healthy


Ayurveda is not only a health care system, but more of a life principle and lifestyle. In order to achieve complete balance in life it is important to have a holistic approach in each of the following areas: personal, professional and social. Here, at Sri Sri Tattva, we do not only teach others about the principles of Ayurveda, we actually live them day in and day out.


Sri Sri Tattva was founded in India almost 40 years ago. Now we are active in 35 countries with independent management and stores, over 10 thousand products are sold each week. Other than in Europe and India, we are active in North and South America, Asia and Australia, and our services and products have benefited millions of people worldwide.


The AyurJagruti program is taking place at a Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre, with adjacent Ayurvedic Wellness facilities. Situated in the south of Germany, in the Baden-Württemberg Black Forest region, the centre hosts people who come for mindfulness sessions, self-development courses, Ayurvedic treatments and enjoy the meditative atmosphere and delicious healthy vegetarian ayurvedic meals, cooked with homemade or organic ingredients.


The check-in is done one day before the start of the program. Available accommodation can be single, double and group rooms with an ensuite bathroom or bathroom in the corridor (44-60€, food included).

The Program fee starts from 550€.


Talk to us and receive a brochure with an in-detail program schedule, all accommodation options and price details.


What is included?

  • Immerse yourself in healing with access to all the comforts our meditation centre offers.
  • Complete environment: food and daily living with Ayurvedic principles.
  • A full program packed with knowledge and practical tips about Ayurveda.
  • Detox methods you can take home.
  • A personal diet plan during and after the program.
  • Understanding holistic and natural ways to improve and maintain your health.
  • Delicious and wholesome vegetarian food with vegan and gluten-free options (all meals included).
  • Cosy accommodation options available according to your wishes, in our heritage house.
  • Access to our Ayurvedic Spa, with the option to book for one of our many holistic Ayurveda treatments and massages.
  • Access to our Ayurvedic shop packed with products like; healthy and tasty snacks, food items and spices, a range of Ayurvedic herbal supplements, knowledge books and tapes about Ayurvedic principles and its practical application.


Talk to us and get more info

Talk to us to receive all accommodation options, price details, full program schedule and information on how to proceed with your registration.