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“If we put fresh new wine into an old wineskin, the new wine will turn sour and be worthless. The same principle is at work in matters of health. A healthy body begins with cleaning out the accumulated toxins of the past and preparing it to accept the new and efficient nutrients.” – Dr. Hazel Parcells, nutritionist (1889-1996).


We live in an era where toxins are omnipresent. Whether it is food, routines and habits, emotions and thoughts, traumatic experiences, environmental pollution, toxins have become an unavoidable reality in our daily lives. No matter how hard we try, we all stumble upon the challenges these toxins cause in our body and mind. How do we equip ourselves against the influence of toxins and pave our path to harmony and wellbeing? The answer lies in Detox.


When we hear the word detox, we look for the most reviewed diet trend in the social network, offline or online. We do what most people did, imagining that it was the best decision of our lives. When it doesn’t work out, we wonder what went wrong.


When you know that eating superfoods, fasting, going to the gym and colon cleansing are not enough, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the world of Holistic Detox with Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Detox

Ayurveda, the globe’s foremost holistic health science offers you the mother of all detox programs. Through the time tested blend of tradition and authenticity, Ayurveda brings to you the customized and all-encompassing experience of detox. This science of life brings you to harmony of body, mind and soul. It guides you to come home, to be healthy and to be happy.


When you decide to do an ayurvedic detox, your consultant will analyse your physical, emotional and cognitive-personality in relation to elements of nature. Then, a detailed understanding of the degree of imbalances in the functions and rhythms of your body and mind is established. A customised plan is proposed based on the type of toxins,  structures and bodily functions influence, the capacity of healing and the nature of emotions and the mind. Last but not the least, a perfect nutrition, lifestyle and stress management plan based on your personality is given to you as a mean to being well.


All detox programs and treatments in Sri Sri Ayurveda start with an individual consultation with our Ayurveda expert consultant. After understanding your needs and wishes, a perfect detox package is developed for you, following two main categories:


  • Traditional Detox (Virechana): a classic Ayurvedic detox with deep yet gentle cleansing methods with the purpose of toxin elimination from body, mind and spirit in a quick and efficient way.
  • Wellness Detox: a modern approach to detoxing, where the main focus is placed on relaxation and wellbeing. A gentle toxin cleanse through massages and treatments bringing an overall feeling of freshness.


Choose between the Detox options: Traditional Detox (Virechana) or Wellness Detox, and experience deep cleansing
and well being in our Wellness Centre.


Virechana means cleansing. It is a known procedure that is a part of the Panchakarma treatment (Panchakarma is the best traditional method to eliminate toxins in Ayurveda).


By ingesting liquid herbal supplements, the client will start a process of physical toxins elimination located in the digestive system. After this phase, massages and oil baths will be applied to help the skin rejuvenate and also eliminate stress and body weakness symptoms. As last, laxatives are taken for the last and deepest cleansing of the entire system.


All the procedures are supervised by our expert consultant and assisted by our caring team. Individual methods will be applied considering the uniqueness of each patient, their complaints and wishes. Before and after the complete treatment, you will receive specific instructions on how to prepare your body and keep a healthy lifestyle post-detox.


Traditional detox is the perfect option for cleansing and rebuilding tissues, improving bodily functions (e.g. digestion) and regaining the body’s natural balance. It is a deep and powerful treatment, advised to be taken only once per year and only after a consultation with an authentic Ayurvedic expert.

All prices include VAT without accommodation.
Single or double o. shared room including meals 42-59€ per day

Wellness Detox

Looking for more relaxation? The Wellness Detox is the perfect option for a complete Ayurvedic detox with a lighter approach.


Different from the Traditional detox, the Wellness Detox is a combination of massages, yoga, meditation and tasty detox diet that will bring your body back to harmony in a short time. In the Wellness Detox, the deep and strong cleansings happen in a subtle way through mindfulness sessions, relaxation treatments and other Ayurvedic methods combined to give you a deeper rest and eliminate stress.


This Detox option is recommended to all kinds of people and does not have strict guidelines. You may take this program at any moment of life and as many times you wish. It suits people that already have a healthy lifestyle and people looking to start new habits.


The program also includes a personal consultation with our doctor that will take care of your comfort and advise you on an individual diet for your body type during and after the Detox.

All prices include VAT without accommodation.
Single or double o. shared room including meals 42-59€ per day