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Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre in Baden-Baden

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Ayurveda Baden-Baden
Ayurveda Baden-Baden

The holistic health science of Ayurveda, which has been in existence for over 5,000 years, is becoming increasingly important in today’s fast-paced and western world. Therefore, it fits very well that we offer our Sri Sri Ayurveda services in Baden-Baden in a health centre, which combines many health care directions under one roof.


In the CGE Gesundheitszentrum in the city centre of Baden-Baden, natural practitioners and coaches provide their consultations, therapies, lectures, massages, yoga sessions and seminars. Here, on one or two days a month, Sri Sri Ayurveda Baden-Baden offers Ayurveda introductory and in-depth lectures as well as nutrition and lifestyle consultations – based on the holistic and ancient tradition of Ayurveda.


Our local partner organisation, The Art of Living Baden-Baden, also offers their introductory and weekend stress management seminars in the same house, focusing on effective breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and practical wisdom of the Yogic tradition.


The Sri Sri Ayurveda Baden-Baden is located at: CGE Baden-Baden GmbH, Lange Straße 43, 76530 Baden-Baden.

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Ayurveda Baden-Baden Consultation

Our Ayurveda Expert is available for individual nutrition and lifestyles consultations every month for about 1-2 days in Baden-Baden as well as in Karlsruhe, Offenburg and other nearby cities.

Workshops and Talks

Our venue offers talks and workshops about Ayurveda and Health, Mind and Meditation Sessions, and much more.

Yoga and Meditation

Weekly yoga classes and meditation sessions, breathing technique courses of our partner, Art of Living, are also available here.

ayurvedische konsultation Ayurveda Hamburg
Ayurveda Consultation

5000 years ago, the question of true health marked the beginning of one of the oldest life sciences in the world – the beginning of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of life that provides a comprehensive and proven system of traditional health care.


The millennium-old doctrine strives to prevent diseases from even emerging. However, Ayurvedic knowledge also offers a broad spectrum of measures to alleviate and eliminate illnesses even in the case of people who are already ill. Herbalism-based science gives us the key to holistic health by providing personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations for the individual. Through them we can achieve physical, mental and emotional harmony.


Ayurvedic teaching questions the nature of life and defines the different levels of our health. In doing so, she emphasizes that body, mind, senses and soul are a unity and not isolated from each other. Thanks to its holistic approach, ayurvedic health science has been officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Holistic and conventional medicine, as we know it, is distinguished by its completely different approaches: In conventional medicine, people are considered healthy if they have no illnesses. However, according to Ayurvedic knowledge, health is not the mere absence of disease, but being healthy means being in harmony with oneself and the environment. It is about total well-being. To achieve this goal, Ayurveda serves us as a reliable guide on the way there.

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Ayurveda Expert (Vaidya)

Vishnu Prasad


Vishnu is an Ayurvedic expert with heart and soul: After his bachelor’s degree at the Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research in Bangalore, he completed immediately after a pulse consultation training at Sri Sri Ayurveda.


Since 2012, Vishnu has visited many places around the world, including Iraq, Italy, Montenegro, Latvia and Spain, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia and, of course, India. His goal is to make people worldwide ayurveda accessible and to help them to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Vishnu is rated as very professional and empathic by his clients. We value him as a very adaptable and conscientious Ayurveda specialist.

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