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Ayurvedic Consultation

Pulse Consultation and Online Consultation

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Ayurveda consultation
Ayurveda consultation

Pulse Consultation (or Ayurveda consultation) is an ancient technique in the Ayurvedic practice, used for discovering imbalance or illness in the body. The consultation is a one-to-one meeting between the client and the consultation expert. The consultant places three fingers on the pulse point of the client’s arm. Checking the pulse results in a detailed diagnosis of the client’s state of being.


Locating the imbalances in the body suggests to the consultant what to prescribe in terms of personalised diet, daily habits, food supplements; as well as a combination of practices that bring back health and harmony to body, mind and spirit.


The pulse consultation is an ancient method, originating from the Eastern medical tradition, for diagnosing imbalances in the body. From a holistic perspective, all bodily systems are closely interlinked.


In the Western healthcare system, the pulse is only an indication of the heartbeat. Alternative and holistic methodologies – such as reflexology, Ayurveda and Chinese healthcare system – possess the ability to attend to all the organs just by touching the pulse for a few minutes. It is a personalised and accurate diagnosis performed by experts, coming from a completely unique consultation – what is also considered is the individual’s life phase, living environment, daily habits and the uniqueness of each and every human’s body-mind complex.

Prevention and cure

Ayurveda focuses on the prevention of illness by proactively leading a healthy life. If imbalances are detected early, diseases can be prevented before they break out and already manifest as symptoms. This means you can take an Ayurveda consultation anytime – even if you are not ill nor suspect diseases. The Ayurvedic consultation can – and should – be done regularly, just as a regular health check-up.


The Ayurvedic healthcare system offers a wide range of holistic treatment options. The main focus is on improving the quality level of life through wholesome food, exercise, meditation, cleansing and relaxation.


The lifestyle advice and personalised routines and diets will keep your body and mind strong at all times, fighting possible disease, weakness or stress. For your comfort, our expert consultants travel in more than 20 cities in Germany to provide you with a practical and efficient consultation in your city.


Book your individual consultation with our Ayurvedic Expert from Índia. Consultations are available in over 20 cities in Germany – or at our Wellness Centre.

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