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Fundamental Principles

Ayurveda is a five-thousand-year-old herbal health science from India. Its aim is illness prevention for healthy individuals; and disease management for unhealthy individuals.


As a sister-school of thought with Yoga, Ayurveda guides a person in knowing more about oneself on body, breath, mind, senses, intellect, memory and soul levels.


Ayurveda enables us to achieve physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual harmony through ideal and customised dietary habits and lifestyle routine advice.


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In Sanskrit, ‘ayur’ means ‘life’ and ‘veda’ means knowledge. Ayurveda is therefore the Science of Life – guiding us to live a physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually good life.


Developed approximately between 1700 B.C. and 500 A.D., the first reference for Ayurveda is found in the oldest written literature on the planet - the Vedas.


Considered as one of the most effective alternative healthcare systems in the world, Ayurveda uses natural herbal supplements for therapy.


Holistic wellness does not means healing only the body, but establishing overall harmony of body, mind, senses, intellect, memory and soul.